The Prologue

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The Legend 


In the beginning, there was nothing. There was infinite nothing, save for a wee little speck in the center of this great nothing. Inside this speck, there was the potential for everything, and the one desire to be the creator of everything.

This speck rushed by in total silence and darkness, yet after eons, finally willed itself into being and expanded. It grew and grew, until it filled the nothing, with something. This speck became known as the spark, and the spark became the Great Creator of Everything.


The Great Creator of Everything, being so grand, created the planets and the stars. He selected his favorite planet, as a child selects their favorite marble, and upon this planet of favor, he set about making life.


In those early days, there was only sea. There was nothing solid, no mountains, no land; there was simply a bottomless ocean and the open air. It was then that, from the farthest star, there came a great light, which crashed into the ocean. The Great Creator harnessed this light and created a sun and a moon to bring warmth and vitality to this new world.


On the first day, He built a great island around the fallen starlight, with many mountains, jungles, forests, deserts and valleys. 


On the second day, He created the grassy plains and filled the forests with trees and plants. 


By moonlight, He crafted rivers and lakes with water that was free of the salt, so the plants grass and trees could drink and thrive. 


When the flora had been made, He made four seasons. 


It became clear that He needed fauna to enjoy His newly made paradise, so he brought to life the animals to roam the great island, and swim in the vast oceans, rivers and lakes.


On the sixth day, He created the 6 great animals to govern life on the island: the Blue Delphine, the White Wolf, The Black Panther, The Golden Eagle, the Purple Lunar Moth, and the Rouge Dragon.


He sat back, and looked at His creation, but He noticed something was missing. He saw perfection, but He did not see himself. He called a meeting with the great animals, and informed them that He wanted to create a creature in His image. He proposed a divine contest. He pulled from the earth clay figurines: 12 in total, 2 for each animal, 1 male, and 1 female.


“Design the perfect human. I have given you their shape, and it is you who must give them skills to make them perfect. Whoever creates the perfect human will be the victor. Return in 3 days with your humans, and we shall see how well you have done.”


The Rouge Dragon hurried away, determined to get a head start, and therefore he missed the Creators final words. “There are but two rules you must obey. Your humans shall not live longer than one hundred and fifty years nor shall they have the power to change their shape to match and other animal or creature.


The White Wolf made his way back up to his cave in the icy peaks of the mountains. He gazed about, and drew upon his surroundings to create his people. He gave his figurines skin the color of the snowcapped mountains, and hair as black as the night sky. and blue almond-shaped eyes .that sparkled like the stars in the heavens. He granted them the ability to withstand any temperature and the gift to see miles away through the heaviest of snow falls. He called his people the Iscal.


The Golden Eagle sored over the plains, and came to rest in the tallest tree in the field. There he designed his man and woman. He made their skin to match the golden color of the grain growing in the fields and their auburn hair to mimic beautiful sunsets on the plains. Their eyes he made to remind him of the rich green grass of the fields that he loved to soar above.  He granted them the ability to build structures with speed and strength, and the gift of speaking in many tongues. He named his people the Paridites.


The Blue Delphine swam back to her underwater palace,. Her man and woman were given glowing violet eyes like her favorite seashell, soft blue skin to match her own, and golden locks of hair to match the sand upon the shore, with streaks the color of seaweed. She called them the Sirenite people. She granted them the power to breathe underwater and sing better than any songbird above land. She then gave them each a magical pearl with the capability to transform their legs into a tail like her own, so they could swim with ease and be as her children.


The Black Panther sauntered back to his jungle kingdom. He gave his man and woman rich dark skin the color of wood, with eyes the color of honey and hair the color of coal. They were called the Native people. He granted them the knowledge of the forest, and the grace and strength of any panther. He also granted them the power to understand to any animal of land, sky or sea.


The Purple Lunar Moth rested atop the tallest tree in the far-eastern forest, to bathe in the moonlight that made her wings glow. She gave her man and woman honey colored skin that glowed in the moonlight like her wings, with eyes as grey as ashes, and hair the color of moonbeams. They were named the Elven people. She granted them the power to generate a light that made plants grow. She also granted them the gift of flight by giving them a small pendant of amethyst, which granted them small purple wings for short periods of time.


The Rouge Dragon, being in such a hurry to win, rushed inside the mountain. He designed his man and woman to have red skin like his, coal black hair, and black eyes. They were the Drake people. He granted them a power meant only for the gods, the power to change their shape, and the ability to control flames. He looked upon them, and smiled. His creations were so glorious and so beautiful. To ensure that they would never leave this world, he granted them the second most divine gift: immortality. He was satisfied with this, and then went out and spied on all the other creatures. He scoffed at their weak, hideous creatures, but gave his humans the additional power to glamour themselves to make them look however they pleased.


At the end of the 3 days, the Great Animals met once again. One by one they presented their humans to the Great Creator. The creator smiled, and said nothing. The Rouge Dragon was angered by the silence. “Tell us who won, great creator.”


The Great Creator looked at all the creations, and he said, “Everyone wins. All of these creatures are created in my image.”


The Rouge Dragon flew into a rage, and began to spew flames, and without thinking, cursed the Creator. How could he not see that the Dragon’s creations were simply the best? He declared the Great Creator to be nothing more than a blind fool.  The other animals were shocked and appalled.

 The Great Creator again said nothing. He smiled and patted the Rouge Dragon on the head. The Dragon tried to bite off one of the Great Creator’s holy fingers, and the Great Creator waved his mighty hand.  Suddenly, The Rouge Dragon was lifted up and thrown in the direction of the sea. He landed in the water, and around him, the Great creator created a smaller island with one tall volcano. When he called out to the Great Creator, apologizing for his words, the Creator spoke. “You should have heeded my warning. You broke the rules that I set in place, and for that, you and your creations will spend Eternity locked away in the Volcano, never again to see the light of day.”


The Great Creator waved his hands again, and created 50 pairs of each human. The Animals rejoiced, and the Creator bade his animals farewell. He instructed the remaining Great Animals to love their creations, and care for them. He said he would always be watching. With that, He left his great planet, to watch over it from afar, leaving these Great Animals as gods to be in charge of the world.


Before leaving this planet, the animals asked him for a name. They wanted to know the name of the land on which they stood. He took a divine pause, and then he said one word, and that word came to be the name of the land.